Item Master Management 2.0

Is the item master working for you, or are you working to manage the item master?

Our new, version 2.0 approach provides the visibility, detail, and accuracy you need to move beyond managing an item master. SupplyCopia can complete a one-time item cleanse, provide on-going cleansing, give you a fully attributed and maintained virtual item master from which you can update your own item master, identify functional equivalencies, conduct current price look-ups to find lowest available costs, assist with HCPCS and UNSPSC coding, or even take over the full-time maintenance of your item data.

For more information on why SupplyCopia is different, see our product information

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RFP Support

RFPs are a time- and resource-intensive task, involving accurate identification of suppliers, qualifications, and multiple revisions. With a global database of more than 65,000 suppliers, we can simplify and speed up the entire process. To know more how about how we can help you, please see details of global supplier database and RFP engine

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Spend data cleaning, classification and supplier enrichment

The best way to get visibility and savings recommendations is the right Spend Analytics software. We work with your existing systems to enhance your spend data as a service. If you want to know more send us an email at

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