The urgent need is here – The time for innovation is now

Is your organization ready to take control and drive the future of the healthcare supply chain?

Let SupplyCopia help you!

Integrate our virtual item master with your ERP or MMIS system. Improve spend visibility and cost savings. All without major investments in hardware or software.
Reduce the time it takes to research suppliers. Get instant access to our global supplier database. Create RFPs with ease.
Take advantage of spot markets and changes in global product pricing. Never miss better pricing opportunities.

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Reduce Reimbursement Reductions

Reimbursement reductions and ever increasing levels of uncompensated care continue to erode margins at an unprecedented rate

Manage Physician Preferences

Higher physician preference costs contribute 40% of the over all spend. Lower adoption of remakes and refurbished products adds to the overall costs.

Clear Up Cloud Problems

Hospitals lack of investments in cloud technologies and advanced analytics continues to generate problems.

Get The Bigger Picture

Hospitals lack spend visibility, pricing and real time business intelligence to make informed decisions.

Change With The Times

Aging population is putting a higher burden on the system. Slower reimbursements from insurance companies and new pay for performance systems add to the problem.

Speed Up Decision Making

Lack of actionable analytics and intelligence coupled with disparate systems slows down decision making.

Find Low Cost Alternatives and Save Money!

Negotiating with suppliers. Making multiple calls to check on stock. Constantly checking prices. It takes more time than most buyers want – or have – to spend. SupplyCopia streamlines your daily activity

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  • One click purchase of high frequency buys
  • Find function equivalencies and physician preference items
  • Receive special offers from suppliers
  • Create and publish RFP’s to SupplyCopia exchange or to specific suppliers
  • Manage recalls and backorders
  • Integrated messaging with suppliers and nurses

Create dynamic and predictable supply chain!

Everything has to run smoothly. Everything has to contribute to increased patient satisfaction. Nothing can cost more than it should. Managing these sometimes conflicting objectives is not easy, SupplyCopia gives you the tools you need.


  • Eliminate multiple systems and put your entire supply chain management processes in one place
  • Simplify your entire requisition to fulfillment cycle
  • Reduce dependencies and take control of your supply chain
  • Discover new suppliers and create competitive pricing structure
  • Deliver consistent cost savings through SupplyCopia recommendations
  • Be the go to person for the CFO

Gain Control of Your Supply Chain

Costs keep going up. Reimbursements keep going down. And regulations – well, just take a look at the Affordable Care Act and its still-evolving rules, requirements, and potential impact on your bottom line. About the only leverage you have to secure the resources you need to deliver the patient outcomes you want is in your supply chain. SupplyCopia gives you tools to gain total control of the supply chain.


  • Gain visibility into your entire supply chain costs and opportunities 24X7
  • Analyze and review spend at a single hospital or group of hospitals
  • Get category and commodity level intelligence reports, recommendations and alerts to save costs
  • Measure and improve procedure level material costs and P/L
  • Gain intelligence on physician preference items and drive cost savings through advanced analytics
  • Drive revenue and increased collections through improved charge master feeds
  • Analyze potential impact of mergers and acquisitions on your supply chain

Frequently Asked Quesestions

SupplyCopia platform is designed to work with your existing GPO relationships, your partners and technologies. No changes and change management will be required.
SupplyCopia is a totally integrated solution that provides you one stop solution for your procure to pay (P2P) processes. If you do not need complicated integration to your ERP, MMIS or inventory stems, this is the solution for you.
SupplyCopia is a platform, your suppliers are on the same platform as you are. You can seamlessly share purchase orders. Suppliers can electronically send PO confirmation, advanced shipping notification, back orders and invoice through the platform. Its an entirely paperless workflow to optimize your supply chain operations.
SupplyCopia shall onboard all your suppliers and their relevant information at the time of deployment of the platform.