SupplyCopia platform is an unique buying experience. It gives you the benefits of leveraging your corporate contracts while giving the flexibility to benefit from the lower pricing and promotions from the


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Lack of centralized buying platform specially for sub acute

SupplyCopia is the first platform that seamlessly integrates the acute and sub acute facilities into one common buying platform. Sub acute facilities can access the platform from anywhere from a device of their choice and conduct transactions.

Lack of investment dollars for specialized systems and IT support

Sub Acute care facilities and physician offices can start using the platform within minutes of registration
There is no necessary to buy hardware, software or any IT services from third parties.

Lack of time and resources to effectively manage the buying process.

SupplyCopia platform was designed with this limitation in mind. With an ease to use interface, ways to automate your frequent buys, find your suppliers quickly and receive your orders even quicker.

Save Time and Improve Outcomes!

  • Your time is precious, you are trying to multi-task with the limited time you have.
  • One click purchasing with saved procedures
  • Easy to apply doctors preferences
  • Significant savings with automatic prompt for lower cost products.
  • Simple pts for lower cost alternatives
  • Easy to manage backorders and tracking of previous purchases

Spend more time managing patients and less on supplies buying

  • Effective supplies management improves your bottom line
  • Reduce obsolescence and over inventory challenges
  • Just in time buying helps you reduce your shipping and delivery costs
  • Leverage the inbuilt intelligence and always chose best prices and best terms.

Frequently Asked Quesestions

No. You do not need any additional software or hardware to use the system. All you need is a device like a laptop, desktop, tablet computer and a standard internet connection.
Our platform has pre-configured your purchasing contracts in the system, you will see this as your first option. Where you don’t have corporate contracts, you can purchase those products directly from the suppliers.
Your contracted suppliers will send you an invoice and for non contracted supplies you have the option to pay via credit card or PayPal
We value your privacy and security, we store your profile and credit card information in the safest possible databases.
It’s very simple, you can create your profile, access the catalogs and start purchasing!