Leverage multiple modules of SupplyCopia platform to construct your health system or IDN strategy. Create a superior buying experience using the global products database, collapse your multiple virtual item masters into one and consolidate and analyze your spend on demand.

Reduce or eliminate effort for item master maintenance and support centralize your products, pricing and information at one place in the SupplyCopia cloud.
Access spend pattern, trend, cost savings anytime, anywhere on a device of your choice.
Scale up and down your organization on SupplyCopia cloud. M&A integration becomes a breeze.

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IDNs are a solution waiting to be grasped

Great vision can be undone by flawed execution. Even with an IDN, if your underlying processes continue to operate as usual, you’ve in effect put a band aid on a serious business ailment.

Sub-standard product data result in sub-standard savings

if any. It’s critical to invest in data standardization and to maintain uniform catalogs and pricing, and continually update pricing, recall, and replacement information.

Multiple IT systems lack real-time integration

Systems that don’t speak the same language often get the same results – poor ones.

Failure to embrace cloud and SaaS technologies

results in failure to optimize savings. The same old systems deliver the same old, under-performing, results.

IDNs are just the beginning

The next wave of optimization and innovation will be Virtually Integrated Delivery Networks (VIDNs) that will combine spend, common processes and best practices based on the specialty of the organization and collaborate on a global basis.

Predict and Manage Spend Across The System

  • Access spend visibility and cost savings recommendations 24x7x365
  • Analyze, measure, compare individual hospital P/L and corrective actions
  • Gain intelligence into the physician preference costs and pro-actively manage them and standardize procedures
  • Significant savings with automatic prompt for lower cost products.
  • Drive improved collections and revenues by feeding material data to charge master.
  • Execute M&A strategy without re-inventing the wheel every time.

Supply Chain Leader

  • Consolidate your spend and gain visibility and savings recommendations at one single place
  • Eliminate multiple system licensing fees, maintenance and upgrades, move to the SupplyCopia cloud
  • Consolidate your data and item master into a master application and eliminate constant data management costs.
  • Seamlessly integrate SupplyCopia platform into your MMIS or ERP system and optimize your investments.
  • Manage your acute care and sub acute care spend in a consolidated platform, stop the leakages.

Reduce your supplier research time and effort by using the SupplyCopia global supplier database.

Always be on the money, leverage the Price Check service and buy at the best possible prices. Act upon the cost savings recommendations from spend analytics and constantly optimize your pricing strategy. Create and publish RFP’s within minutes, be that for a single product or a market basket, evaluate supplier responses and reduce your contracting time. Utilize SupplyCopia team as your startegic sourcing team and conduct customized analysis and supplier research and evaluation.

IDN without SupplyCopia

IDN with SupplyCopia


  • One integrated technology
  • Streamlined process and data flow
  • Eliminate item master and product data management issues
  • Real time analytics and business intelligence

Frequently Asked Quesestions

SupplyCopia platorm is designed to work with your existing infrastructure. You can integrate the virtual item master and spend analytics into your existing infrastrure and optimize the investments in those technologies.
SupplyCopia is the only platform that has an integrated solution to address this challenge. Your sub acute facilities and clinics can leverage your corporate contracts while at the same time getting a retail like, easy to use system.
For corporate contracts, suppliers raise the invoices where as non corporate contracts purchases can be paid through a credit card or PayPal.
We can customize the pricing based on the number of facilities.