SupplyCopia is your trusted platform to generate new sales and increase profitability.


Access the national hospital database and target decision makers with customized and well timed pricing and promotions. Close quickly and more often.
Get qualified RFPs delivered directly to your desktop. Build and manage your pipeline efficiently and effectively. Stop making cold calls.
Monitor and respond to price fluctuations. Dynamically respond to price changes. Never lose a sale.

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Protect Your Pricing

Manufacturers are seeing pricing and profitability erosion

Control Cash Flow

Higher R&D costs and longer lead times for new products put pressure on cash flows.

Defend Against Discounts

Constant pressure for reduced prices and higher volume discounts

Take A Good Look

Lack of dynamic visibility on consumption from hospitals inhibits improved production planning and control procedures

Stay Close to Home

Higher costs of operations leads to increased outsourcing and offshoring, resulting in greater supply chain risk.

Improve Your Timing

Lack of real time analytics on price movements

Reach More Customers


  • Don’t let the GPO lock you out – grow your territory by utilizing SupplyCopia to cultivate new customers.
  • Lead generation – Access and respond to RFP’s generated by the exchange
  • Make pricing and promotion offers to the entire exchange or to select targets
  • Respond to special purchase requests
  • Monitor and respond to pricing changes, dynamically adjust offerings
  • Directly collaborate with your target audience and decision makers

Increase Market Share


  • Publish your products catalog to get your products in front of the worldwide group of buyers
  • Be seen by buyers, nurses, CFO’s whenever they purchase products
  • Communicate directly with your target customers
  • Customize pricing and promotions based on SupplyCopia intelligence
  • Increase profitability and wallet share
  • Proactively manage communications around product recalls and replacements

While manufacturers’ prices are on the rise, reimbursement for their products is declining. As part of value-based purchasing, hospitals are using comparative effectiveness to compare value versus price for new innovations. Hospitals are also using standardization, value analysis, price ceilings and capitated agreements to control supplier costs. Suppliers are directly affected by the excise tax on manufacturers from the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and they are indirectly affected by the regulatory pressures on their customers.

Frequently Asked Quesestions

No, we are not. Our business model is based on providing direct access to hospital decision makers and letting suppliers decide how they want to price and promote their products and services.
First step is to complete a registration form, secondly please provide us a list of products that you want to be included in the catalog along with your pricing, now you are ready to go!
In order not to overwhelm hospital buyers and to increase your chances of being heard, we have restricted the number of pricing and promotion to 4 per month. Each pricing and promotion can have 10 products in the offering.
Currently the platform is free to use, if this changes in the future SupplyCopia will intimate you 30 days in advance and you have a choice to continue or not.
We expect all our overseas suppliers to provide us quality certifications, export authorization, proof of ability to export, FDA clearances (where applicable) etc.
Yes, we do offer this assistance. Some of this assistance may be provided directly by SupplyCopia or through its partners.