Eliminate Perpetual Item Master Maintenance Costs

What’s out there? What does it cost? How much have you already contracted for? How do you get it for the best possible price, with all the rebates and discounts you’ve earned?

The right answers to those questions are key to arriving at the better outcomes you want and patients demand.

Customized Virtual Item Master

The SupplyCopia item master answers them, and more. It cleans, de-dupes, and classifies your spend data and maps it to our global products database to create your customized virtual item master in the cloud.

Stay Updated

Combines and updates information from the latest manufacturers product catalogs, FDA and the world wide web.

Efficient Search and Rating

Finds and scores major and minor product attributes.

Instant Results

You’ll instantly see equivalent products available at lower prices, without affecting patient outcomes.

Code Your Products

Assigns HCPCS coding to every product and part. It’s a match made in supply chain heaven, accounting for all costs in a systematic way.

Items Relationship

Identifies the mother-child relationship for every part you need.

Ease of Use

You never have to worry whether you’ve ordered the right combination of parts for a particular procedure.


Extracts your historical physician preference item (PPI) data and compares it with industry best practices and provides recommendations for replacements.

Best Choice

Marries products and pricing from your contracts and physician preference scoring and force ranks your selection so that you are always selecting the best choice.

Optimal Price

You can be confident you always order based on the latest information and at optimal pricing.

Consolidated Global Item Master

You have just acquired a hospital or multiple hospitals? No problem, let the SupplyCopia virtual item master rationalize your suppliers, product pricing and create a consolidated global item master for your buying needs.

High Efficiency and Availability

And we make all this available 24/7 on smart devices through standard Internet connections.

Sample Virtual Item Master

Are you interested to know more about creating a virtual item master in the cloud or simply interested in our item master management services, please send us some information so that we can provide you actionable information.

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