SupplyCopia follows a unique 8-step process to collect data from all sources to create a global product database

Eliminate the need for constant item master creation, maintenance, and integration with supplier data. Leverage our global products database to update the information in your Virtual Item Master.


By eliminating the manual process of updating your Item Master, you can reduce requisition errors, make relevant products available with minimal effort, and reduced processing time.

Products Comparison

Accurately compare products using the built-in functional equivalency algorithm.

Manage and Control

Manage and control new and changing items such as non-file and physician preference items that do not have accurate product descriptions and eliminate overpayments.

Reduce Liabilities

Automatically access recalls and replacement data and reduce liabilities.

Improve Reimbursement Rates

Potentially improve reimbursement rates due to HCPCS classification accuracy and usage volumes.

Apply Custom Practices

Increase contract and regulatory compliance.

Good Teamwork

Align your organization and stakeholders (nurses, buyers, CFOs, supply chain leaders, and physicians) around the right data for better purchasing decisions.

Global Products Database Sample

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