What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

The CFO has every conceivable bit of spend data right at his fingertips. So do the supply chain managers, category and materials managers, the strategic sourcing experts, and the contracting professionals.

Now what?

  • The problem in healthcare spend these days isn’t too little data, it’s too much – from too many sources, in too many forms, based on too many different standards.
  • There are plenty of one-size-fits-all spend visibility platforms that promise to make sense of all this data. But SupplyCopia is the only software built exclusively to address the specific concerns of the healthcare supply chain.
  • Designed around the unique relationship between suppliers, GPOs, and hospitals, it is a pure, analytical platform that accurately and continually predicts the steps to take to realize ongoing cost savings.


360 Degree Coverage

Covers 100% of your organization spend, whether that’s your GPO contracts or local contracts for medical, surgical, consumables and purchased services.

Data Sources

Extracts data from disparate sources such as multiple ERPs, MMIS, accounts payable, purchase order systems, contracts, invoices, general ledger, budgets, supplier master, and more


Uses proprietary technologies to clean, classify, and normalize all data.

Integrate Processes

Combines business rules, complex algorithms, and big data analysis techniques to find outliers in price, demand, specifications, compliance, processes, payment terms, working capital optimization, and a whole host of attributes

The result is a scalable and flexible customized reporting and intelligence tool that delivers timely, relevant, and most importantly actionable recommendations to everyone in the supply chain.

Spend Analysis – PPI, BU, Physician, Hospital, Division, Role etc

Trends & Forecasting- Spend Trending

Spend Breakdown Reporting

YOY Spend Comparison

Best of all, you can use it as a part of the SupplyCopia platform or as a stand alone solution. Either way, you realize cost savings.

Are you interested to know more about creating a sustained cost savings plan or simply curious to know how differentiated in SupplyCopia spend intelligence platform , please send us some information so that we can provide you actionable information.

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