Identify new revenues and increase profitability

Create targeted and segmented marketing programs and publish pricing and promotion offers to a single hospital, hospitals within a geographic region, health system or IDN.


Eliminate all manual processes connected to finding, searching and sending offers.


Track promotion participation and price acceptance variance.

Business Intelligence

Identify and track buyer characteristics.


Instantly know if the offer has been accepted or not.

Boost Earnings

Increase return on sales investment by 30%

Pricing and Promotions

Regain control over pricing and promotions.

Best of all its free to use!, You can create 4 pricing and promotions per month and target hospitals of your choice. Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Create an account by Clicking Here

2. Send us your top 15-20 performing products that you want to include in the pricing and promotion (Click Here to Download Product Template)
3. Email the list to
4. Within 24 hours you are ready to send offers.