Making Buyer Experience a Pleasure

You need it, your order it, you get it. If retailers can do that and get satisfied customers as a result, why can’t healthcare providers do the same thing and get better patient outcomes?

With SupplyCopia electronic requisition and order management system, they can. This easy-to-use, role-based system:

Simplifies requisition creation and management.
Electronically authorizes the requisition based on dollar value or spend category.
Creates purchase orders (POs) automatically.
Facilitates paperless communication of PO to supplier via self contained process.
Streamlines supplier communication- PO confirmation, Back order and advanced shipping notifications and delivery
Empower the supplier flip the PO into an invoice automatically.
Seamlessly integrated with our virtual item master, it provides 24/7 ease of use from all devices by nurses, buyers, and managers, getting it right first time, every time. It’s fully customizable, and it also helps manage and limit liability with the latest product recall and replacement alerts.

SupplyCopia electronic requisition and order management is a self-contained, paperless work flow that allows you to automate your order management. It provides great flexibility, letting you use the entire workflow as is or leverage the electronic requisition and integrate it with your ERP or MMIS system.

Some benefits of the solution include:

Automate frequent purchase and pricing updates
Create procedures and attach products and physicians to the procedure, get a better visibility into procedure level costs, and reduce variances and increase standardization
Leverage functional equivalency and reduce over payment
Track your order status

Electronic Requisition and Order Management Sample