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“There’s so much data in so many disparate systems. Trying to manage across them all, and find ways to aggregate data so it can be used intelligently, is an uphill battle.”

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You’re looking for ways to consolidate and manage data. Explore SupplyCopia’s Virtual Item Master, the largest global product database of its kind, with over 3.5 million items and growing. Designed by clinicians and built by data scientists, this online global database serves as your cloud-based virtual item master, even consolidating multiple systems into a single view.

Eliminate item master maintenance costs

Subscribe to SupplyCopia to create your own Virtual Item Master – or use ours, with over 3.5M products and growing. You can use it to cleanse your current item master, update missing information or update classification to the latest versions or functional equivalency – or build a consolidated Virtual Item Master for your entire healthcare system.

Integrate multiple item masters into one global database

As your organization grows, it’s likely you have multiple independent item masters in multiple systems. As a result, your organization is missing opportunities for savings. Consolidate your item master into one complete database and lay the foundation for true transformation.

Functional equivalency & cross referencing

There’s a subjective nature to building functional equivalency. Challenge accepted. We’re supporting hospitals around the world with a near-perfect functional equivalency system that leverages smart methodologies such as attribute-based scoring, clinical evidence, and pure data science. The result is a functional equivalency and cross-referencing solution that’s a resource you can build on.

Integrate with your systems

Once you’ve created the perfect item master, there’s still the historic challenge of integrating it with your ERP, order management, and other systems. Did we mention we’ve overcome those issues?

How do you begin consolidating data for your health system? A good place is with SupplyCopia’s Virtual Item Master. With information on more than 3.5 million global products, the Virtual Item Master is updated daily and delivered instantly, providing the most extensive data foundation available in the healthcare cloud today.


The SupplyCopia platform is designed and developed in a modular manner, so you can leverage the entire platform or chose specific modules to serve specific needs. Either way, you’ll realize measurable benefits from SupplyCopia’s world-leading data scientists, advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, and resulting cloud-based solutions.


Virtual Item Master

Explore the largest virtual product database of its kind, with over 3.5 million unique products and growing. Designed by clinicians and built by data scientists, this unique global database serves as your cloud-based virtual item master, drawing on more than 200 source systems to provide extensive attributes, plus up-to-date UNSPSC, NDC, ATC classification; GMDN, GTIN numbers; HCPCS, CPT, ICD coding and more.

Procure to Pay Platform

Whether you manage supply chain in a single hospital and need to automate your purchasing processes – or support a complex IDN and need to extend the capabilities of your ERP system, SupplyCopia offers the solution that drives greater efficiency and supports supplier collaboration.

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