“I know where we need to go. But we haven’t had the systems, processes, or business intelligence to get there.”



SupplyCopia’s always-on software is fueled by machine learning algorithms, so it’s analyzing and providing cost savings and process improvement opportunities daily. With insights and recommendations that let you take action, you’ll spend more time deciding, less time aggregating and analyzing. Let SupplyCopia provide 24 x 7 visibility, with insights delivered right to your desktop.

Money bag

Understand and improve procedure costs and P&L

What if you could get physician buy-in to improving procedure costs? SupplyCopia integrates consumption, material costs, patient demographics, procedure outcomes, and reimbursements into a seamless information flow, surfacing insights on procedure costs and outcomes for each physician, providing comparative analysis to their peers, and letting you begin a healthy discussion to control supply chain costs.


Gain intelligence on PPI, drive cost savings through advanced analytics

Physician preference items constitute around 40% of your overall supply spend. SupplyCopia uses machine learning to understand patterns in data and provides insights into PPI costs, by a physician, by the procedure. Then we map these insights with procedural outcomes to give you the business intelligence to help standardize spend and behavior.

Supply chain

Analyze potential impact of mergers and acquisitions on your supply chain

Business development and strategy teams can overestimate the benefits of a merger or acquisition. SupplyCopia allows you to plan various scenarios and evaluate the benefits and risks of opportunities before making final decisions.

SupplyCopia understands what you need. And we’re doing something about it, namely reducing costs and increasing your access to actionable data. Hospitals working with SupplyCopia are measuring consistent savings of 15%-20% across thousands of procedures. And accessing real information that drives intelligent decisions, strategic planning, and unprecedented results.


SupplyCopia platform is designed and developed in a modular fashion, so you can leverage the entire platform to optimize your business or choosing the modules that best serve your purpose. Either way, you are sure to realize the benefits of our intellectual property, cloud, and big data science

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