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“I need to drive growth across my current product lines and customers. Plus, with new products coming to market, I need to be sure my sales reps have a way to reach prospects quickly and efficiently, with the offers that get my products noticed.”

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Supplier and provider collaboration is a key goal of SupplyCopia. We enable business through a single, cloud-based platform, bringing together providers and manufacturers to build better industry-level data, create visibility to real-world demand, to support planning and forecasting for specific product categories.

Low prices

Use the U.S. hospital database to gain market share, increase profitability

This unique database includes contacts at over 6,000 U.S. hospitals and grows daily. With the information you need to research, qualify and target decision-makers in hospitals, we help you reach finance and supply chain decision-makers with customized and well-timed pricing and promotions. With 3 simple clicks, you can automate the process and perfectly time your offerings to maximize market share and profitability.

Host your complete product catalog in the cloud

With the SupplyCopia Global Product Database, your entire product catalog, complete with specs, product identification, classifications and coding, and your up-to-date educational materials, are always in front of prospective buyers.

Chain management

Easy EDI, without building a unique infrastructure

For many small to midsize healthcare suppliers, managing an EDI infrastructure is burdensome and expensive. With Procure to Pay Automation for suppliers, you’ll eliminate the need for an EDI infrastructure, leveraging SupplyCopia to handle POAs, confirmations, ASNs, and invoice creation.


Analytics to help you grow effectively

An ongoing challenge for manufacturers is accurate forecasting, far enough in advance to inform your product strategies. With SupplyCopia’s advanced artificial intelligence, you can better understand the factors driving your markets, and in turn, make better business decisions.

Leverage the SupplyCopia Hospital Database to create and promote customized deals, specific pricing, and promotions to targeted prospects in a territory, state, or region. Let your sales team reach decision-makers in finance and supply chain at more than 6,000 U.S. hospitals, with continuously refreshed contact data. Plus, SupplyCopia’s always-on analytics software helps build visibility to product demand, increasing your ability for more accurate, intelligence-driven planning and forecasting. That’s just a start.


SupplyCopia platform is designed and developed in a modular fashion, so you can leverage the entire platform to optimize your business or choosing the modules that best serve your purpose. Either way, you are sure to realize the benefits of our intellectual property, cloud, and big data science

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