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You need to reach decision makers at prospective organizations – including those in supply chain and finance – but the data falls short. The SupplyCopia Hospital Database connects you in an instant to more than 6000 U.S. hospitals, so you can target specific pricing and promotions to those making product selections.

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Instantly Select Your Key Targets

You might be a one-person selling machine, or have hundreds of reps across the country. The challenge is always getting to the right person at the right organization. SupplyCopia continuously updates contacts in supply chain and finance, getting you straight to the decision maker.

True Cost Efficiency

Don’t spend thousands on multiple databases, which at the end of the day still lack the contact data you need. Now, it’s all in one place, managed and maintained for your team to reach thousands of contacts at U.S. hospitals as they make supply decisions.

Targeted Promotions

If you want to offer specific pricing to a single hospital, or a group in a specific region, state or health system, now it’s simple to reach your designated targets. Easily tee up price promotions, and get your products in front of decision makers faster than ever before.

Effective Account-based Strategies

You can retarget specific customer accounts with promotions that work for your business – and theirs. You’ll have visibility to what promotions piqued a buyer’s interest, so you can continue to groom and customize your offers to maximize effectiveness.

  • There is significant M&A activity within the industry and this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. As a result of this, as well as a movement among executives, it’s very difficult to maintain a database of hospitals as well as decision-makers. Most of the data become obsolete before it’s put to use. Among other issues:
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