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Global Product Database

Your products belong in the largest global product database of its kind, currently featuring over 3.5 million items and growing. Used in provider organizations throughout the world, this is the single place you can manage everything needed to deliver your products, quickly and effectively, to prospects and customers.


Easy for You, Easy for Prospects

It’s never been easier to upload all product data into a single virtual catalog. This is the place your customers find everything they need about your products including attributes, specs, classification and identification codes, even educational materials and videos.

Compete Anywhere in the World

Wherever you deliver your products, SupplyCopia’s Global Product Database delivers. Built by data scientists and used by provider organizations across the globe, this is your one stop shop for effectively hosting your entire catalog.

Accuracy Delivers Automation

When your prospects have current, accurate information about your products, it’s easier for them to find, and you to deliver, exactly what they need, helping eliminate returns and restocking.

Lower Costs

Reduce inventory carrying costs by accurately identifying products. Reduce preference card errors and standardize attributes such as UOM, MOQ, brand name etc

Virtual item master- One-stop-shop solution for all your item master requirements.

Global Product Database
The item master is at the core of any provider. But if it isn’t supplied with a constant supply of the right data, the results can be devastating, among them:
  • Missed or wrong orders
  • Inability to arrive at procedure costs quickly and accurately
  • Information technology and system integration
  • Failure of cross referencing and substitution with functionally equivalent products
  • Inability to quickly and accurately identify lower cost options
  • Reduced visibility on spend and road blocks for strategic sourcing

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