Procure to Pay Automation – For Suppliers

For many small to mid-size healthcare suppliers, managing an EDI infrastructure is burdensome and expensive. With Procure to Pay Automation for suppliers, you’ll eliminate the need for an EDI infrastructure, leveraging SupplyCopia to handle POAs, confirmations, ASNs, and invoice creation

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Automation High, Costs Low

Automation is the key to great supply chain efficiency. But building and maintaining an infrastructure can be expensive and time-consuming. Leveraging SupplyCopia’s software puts a sophisticated infrastructure at your fingertips. We can turn it on now.

Business Growth Opportunities

Your customers have worked hard to increase automation, which means they’re counting on you to support their EDI needs. But you don’t need to build it. SupplyCopia makes it easy for you to do business with all kinds of providers, with a Procure to Pay platform that meets your needs and theirs.

Reduce Staff Time, Invoice Faster

Reduce Staff Time, Invoice Faster By letting SupplyCopia take care of the Procure to Pay infrastructure, you become easy to business with. We reduce the time it takes you to acknowledge POs, confirm shipments and send advance ship notices, then instantly convert POs to invoices, getting your bill submitted for payment fast.

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