Virtual Item Master

Explore SupplyCopia’s Virtual Item Master, the largest global product database of its kind, with over 3.5 million items and growing. Designed by clinicians and built by data scientists, this online global database serves as your cloud-based virtual item master, even consolidating multiple systems into a single view.


Improve Item Master Management

Integrate multiple item masters into a single, cloud-based source of truth for complete and up-to-date supply management.


Increase Accuracy, Increase Automation

Only SupplyCopia’s technology continuously draws from 200+ source systems and suppliers around the globe, continuously updating attributes, product specs, classification codes, even educational materials.

Simplify and Automate

SupplyCopia’s cloud-based virtual item master delivers a world of resources to your fingertips. Instantly find the products you need or functional equivalents for better availability or pricing.

Lower Costs

Streamline procurement, standardize products and pricing, and improve overall operations to support Cost, Quality, and Outcome strategies.

Virtual item master- One-stop-shop solution for all your item master requirements.

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Your Challenges

  • Your item master is the core of your procurement strategies. But if it isn’t constantly supplied with accurate and updated data, results can go quickly off course, leading to:

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