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Spend & Value Analysis

“Based on industry statistics, more than 50% of the analytics is not accurate and implementable and 65% of the insights are outdated before they are implemented”



Effective management

One integrated solution to manage the medical, surgical, consumables, equipment, pharma as well as indirect spend

Cloud Solution

A cloud-based solution that guides providers through a step by step process i.e. starting with ERP specific data templates to the implementation of the platform

Cost Savings

Readily available spend levers such as rate, demand, specification, compliance, and process that accelerate the identification of cost savings

Simple Dashboard

A single dashboard with the highest level of security and data privacy, supported by multi-level access that keeps informed of the cost savings opportunities

Recognize patterns in utilization. Drive product and procedure standardization.

The problem in healthcare spend these days isn’t too little data, it’s too much – from too many sources, in too many forms, based on too many different standards. Healthcare systems are constrained by their old ERP systems as well as business analytics solutions that sit on top of these ERP systems. As a result, decision-makers:
  • Cannot shift market share from one supplier to another without upsetting both physicians and suppliers
  • Cannot map procedure costs to outcomes and engage physicians on a continuous journey of shared values
  • Do not have any visibility into their spending or patterns
  • Do not have enough insights to take any action with reference to standardization of products or suppliers
  • Cannot readily leverage rebates and discounts
Spend Value Analysis

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