Procure to Pay Platform

You might have a materials management or ERP system, but it’s difficult to use and rarely updated. Today you can enjoy advanced P2P without making another huge technology investment – or just begin your procurement automation journey.

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Unprecedented Automation

Whether you’ve been using an ERP for years or just getting automated P2P processes underway, teaming with SupplyCopia delivers instant access to powerful software. Propel your processes into new levels of proficiency.

Advanced Supply Chain Processes

SupplyCopia’s combination of healthcare and data science expertise means your organization benefits from software that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence. Lean on the world’s leaders in intelligence-powered supply chain automation

Continuously Current

Supply chain – and overall hospital processes – suffer from inaccurate data. Only by moving to the to cloud can you ensure you’re working from data that’s continuously refreshed, keeping your systems updated for accuracy and efficiency.

Your Challenges

  • High price tags and huge investments in staff time make it difficult for hospitals and health systems to maximize the use of an ERP system or other P2P software, resulting in:
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