A single shopping experience for all the supplies you need

Only SupplyCopia makes it fast and simple to buy what you need in an online marketplace with local and global resources, standing by with supplies. Find what you need, access contracted products, or get recommendations from the marketplace.



Lack of centralized buying platform for
sub acute care

SupplyCopia seamlessly integrates acute and sub-acute facilities into one common buying platform, allowing sub-acute facilities to easily access the platform and complete transitions on any smart device.

Lack of investment dollars for
specialized systems and IT support

Subacute care facilities and physician offices can use the platform within minutes of registration. No need to buy expensive hardware, software, or third-party IT services.

Lack of time and resources to effectively manage the buying process

The SupplyCopia platform was designed to simplify procurement. With an easy-to-use interface and 1-click automation of frequently purchased items, you’ll find suppliers quickly and receive your orders fast!

  • Office Manager
  • Clinicians

Office Manager


Optimize your sub-acute care operations with a ready to use platform