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“Finance wants lower costs and the best quality. Clinical wants specialty products and the best quality. I want real supply chain performance, with systems and data that work together, and the best quality.”

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SupplyCopia’s modular platform is propelled by advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, so it’s always analyzing and modeling cost savings and process improvement opportunities. You want action, you’ve got it, with insights and recommendations that let you spend less time trying to pull data together, and more time acting to build a better supply chain.

Be your CFO’s favorite resource

To manage the second largest and only controllable spend, the CFO comes to you for supply chain insights and actions. SupplyCopia software identifies every potential cost-saving and delivers it before you even ask. Eliminate expensive consultants, delete the cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, and choose the modular solutions that fit your needs.

Eliminate item master challenges and recurring costs

Item master is at the heart of your supply chain. The SupplyCopia Virtual Item Master keeps you up-to-date, so you can optimize order management, increase visibility to spend, increase inventory turns, standardize products and procedures, and proactively manage Physician Preference Items. Built and delivered in the cloud, this solution seamlessly integrates with any ERP or materials system.

Maximize savings potential

It’s estimated that 20-22% cost savings can be generated by standardizing products and procedures. So you need to understand the patterns in each procedure and use advanced data science to determine the best options. Let SupplyCopia do the heavy lifting. We surface these opportunities, letting you concentrate on taking the best actions.

Predict your supply chain costs

SupplyCopia advanced analytics allows you to predict your supply chain spend years in advance. The built-in model integrates data and evidence from multiple sources, speeding it into a simulation engine that allows scenario planning topped with recommendations. You’re always in the driver’s seat.

Proactively manage PPI costs

Physician Preference Items constitute an estimated 40% of your supply chain spend. To manage them, you must scientifically and accurately identify them with multiple sources of data to understand anomalies and opportunities. SupplyCopia shortens this cycle, with increased accuracy and results that let you achieve collaboration with – and approval from – your surgical teams.

Improve your strategic sourcing processes

The SupplyCopia platform seamlessly supports your Request for Proposal (RFPs), contract management process, and ongoing item management through a Virtual Item Master, so you can quickly and cost-effectively automate your entire strategic sourcing process.

Functional equivalency & cross referencing

There’s a subjective nature to building functional equivalency. Challenge accepted. We’re supporting hospitals around the world with a near-perfect functional equivalency system that leverages smart methodologies such as attribute-based scoring, clinical evidence, and pure data science. The result is a functional equivalency and cross-referencing solution that’s a resource you can build on.

Working to achieve a true balance of cost, quality, and outcomes, but can’t get the data, systems, or processes needed to get there? Achieving a more clinically-aligned, cost-effective supply chain hasn’t been easy – until now. That’s where SupplyCopia comes in.


The SupplyCopia platform is designed and developed in a modular manner, so you can leverage the entire platform or chose specific modules to serve specific needs. Either way, you’ll realize measurable benefits from SupplyCopia’s world-leading data scientists, advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, and resulting cloud-based solutions.


Virtual Item Master

Explore the largest virtual product database of its kind, with over 3.5 million unique products and growing. Designed by clinicians and built by data scientists, this unique global database serves as your cloud-based virtual item master, drawing on more than 200 source systems to provide extensive attributes, plus up-to-date UNSPSC, NDC, ATC classification; GMDN, GTIN numbers; HCPCS, CPT, ICD coding and more.

Preference Card Management

Inaccurate preference cards drive costs up. SupplyCopia delivers a simpler preference card management solution to make updates a snap, and integrates with your item master to close gaps between the OR and supply chain. With built-in analytics, your team will reduce variation, identify functional equivalents, move more spend onto contract and reduce supply waste.

Spend & Value Analysis

A single integrated solution to help manage medical, surgical, consumables, equipment, and pharma, as well as indirect spend. This software quickly guides you through a step by step process to build your unique dashboard view, using readily available spend levers such as rate, demand, specification, compliance and process to quickly identify cost savings.

Capacity Planning & Financial Analysis

This powerful engine lets you look at your facility or entire organization to evaluate current resource constraints and requirements – including human, space and supplies – then consider scheduling capacities, clinical prioritizations, and procedure profitability to make fully factored, data-driven business decisions to support patient prioritization and revenue growth.


PPE Estimator

This tool considers estimates of key factors such as current supply levels, patient counts, material in warehouse and storage area inventory, and expected incoming shipments and backorders, then guides the user to enter anticipated cases and usage patterns. You instantly receive an estimate of supplies on-hand, helping you determine imminent need and proactively address supply shortages.

Procure to Pay Platform

Whether you manage supply chain in a single hospital and need to automate your purchasing processes – or support a complex IDN and need to extend the capabilities of your ERP system, SupplyCopia offers the solution that drives greater efficiency and supports supplier collaboration.


RFP & Contract Management

You need a way to modernize your strategic sourcing process. Leverage SupplyCopia’s proprietary technology, standardized templates, automated workflow and processes, and enable a complete strategic sourcing process – or support your ongoing contract efforts. You’ll ensure streamlined and seamless collaboration with your suppliers.

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