Human Ingenuity Meets AI

To Revolutionize Healthcare Supply Chain Solutions

Data to Insight, Insight to Action

The First Of Its
Kind Hybrid
Control Tower

Experience the new SupplyCopia Hybrid Control
Tower, where the unprecedented integration of an
advanced data lake — containing your enterprise
information and native logic — combines with
SupplyCopia software and next-gen AI.

Discover Ask The Bee: Your
Revolutionary Smart Personal Agent

Leverage the groundbreaking technology of Ask The Bee to redefine excellence in healthcare. With smart,
data-driven insights, achieve significant improvements in cost management, patient outcomes, and
operational efficiency. Try the BEE today and step into the future of intelligent healthcare solutions.

Transform Your Healthcare Experience

Powered by advanced architecture built on ChatGPT LLM, The Bee analyzes billions of data points to
provide precise, actionable insights. Use Ask The Bee to find answers to critical questions like:

Leverage This Unprecedented Technology to
Redefine Excellence in Healthcare

With smart, data-driven insights, achieve significant improvements in cost management, patient outcomes, and
operational efficiency. Try the BEE today and step into the future of intelligent healthcare solutions.


Instant Answers
In Minutes,
Not Months

Unleash a new era of healthcare efficiency with 
SupplyCopia’s Hybrid Control Tower – a powerful
AI assistant that merges ChatGPT’s intelligence
with  SupplyCopia’s insightful analytics. Get instant
answers, solve problems, and gain actionable
insights – all in one revolutionary platform.


Embrace The
Future Of

The Hybrid Control Tower empowers you to
achieve significant cost savings, improve
patient outcomes, optimize demand planning,
increase inventory turns, eliminate OR waste,
and enhance process efficiency.

Modern Solutions To Modern Problems

We provide cutting-edge solutions designed to answer your questions and solve your problems, whether large or small.
SupplyCopia products integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, enabling you to take immediate steps toward a
more efficient, effective, and future-ready supply chain.

Virtual Item

3.5 M unique products. Empowering leaders in materials management, supply chain, and value analysis.



Industry leading software and services. Seamless integration of cost, quality, outcomes and reimbursements.



Integrated solution delivering cost savings recommendations 24X7


Procedure Card

Unique software with pre-built carts using standard bills of material. Easy to use, integration of item master and utilization.


Contract Management

Contract management software that empowers the contract managers to mitigate risk and increase compliance.



Special purpose software with multiple models and scenario planning. Ensures that providers never fall short on their inventory.



An integrated solution to build, manage, and expand your GPO network. Whether you are an established GPO or a newly created one, this is the only solution you will ever need.


Kit Quote

A smarter, digital, and automated way to assemble surgical kits and reduce time to market



Software that builds an understanding of pricing strategies. Plan and forecast with visibility and accuracy.

Our Clients & Partners


“PAR Excellence has enjoyed an excellent relationship with SupplyCopia for several years.They offer industry leading, high-quality product resources and their ability to design and deploy effective web-APIs has been invaluable to PAR and, by extension, our clients.”


Thad MacKrell

CEO, PAR Excellence Systems


“At Advantus we know that information is power, and when you have clear operational, clinical, and financial data you gain richer insights to provide better outcomes. That’s why we spent a lot of time working to ... identify a partner like SupplyCopia, one that represents thinking for how to create tools for the next generation of health care supply chain,” said Dan Hurry, president of Advantus Health Partners. “Our goal is to provide an elegant insights platform that not only speaks to supply chain experts, but communicates to anyone in the hospital, a CEO, physician, or a tech, regardless of the audience, insights that allow them to do their job more efficiently.”


Dan Hurry

President AHP
Chief Supply Chain Officer BSMH


SupplyCopia is a forward thinking company that is passionate about transforming healthcare, challenging the norm to help make healthcare more affordable. They combine data science expertise with innovative technology ... to drive impactful changes in the industry. Through their commitment to challenging the status quo and leveraging technology, SupplyCopia offers valuable solutions for organizations looking to optimize their supply chain processes. I have full confidence in SupplyCopia's ability to deliver tangible results and highly recommend them as a trusted partner.


Chassity Spivey

Senior Director of Global
Supply Chain-UnitedHealth Group


The platform and tools inside SupplyCopia are excellent and produce significant results. I've known this company for over 6 years. I've stayed close to SupplyCopia because I support the mission behind the company. ... I and SupplyCopia share the same passion to improve the Healthcare Supply Chain and make a difference. I highly recommend SupplyCopia.


Brent Johnson

Former VP Supply Chain at Intermountain
and Former CEO Intalere


SupplyCopia is the partner of choice for NGC Medical since more than 5 years for anything relating to analytics and to business intelligence in the supply-chain domain. Working together with their team, we have been able to significantly optimize ... our inventory and bring better visibility in the procurement and logistic processes. What I appreciate most is how SupplyCopia is able to combine domain expertise in analytics together with a passionate, proactive attitude to drive change: those two elements together make them unique and a trusted partner.


Marco De Luigi

General Manager, NGC Medical


We’re In The Business Of
Advancing Healthcare


The Largest Medical Device
Manufacturer Leverages SupplyCopia
To Support Clients In 10 Different
Countries & 70+ Acute Care Facilities

Our client needed an integrated platform to manage
the product data, analyze the spend and utilization,
publish and analyze RFPs, contract management
system, kit quote solution, and predictive analytics.
Their unique fee-per-procedure model is a world
leader, and we are honored to support them in their
profitable journey.


Fortune 5 Leader Uses SupplyCopia
Across 1900 Surgery And Urgent
Care Centers.

Our client is the largest owner and operator of
healthcare facilities and the largest healthcare
employer in the US. They needed an innovative
software and solutions provider to create a data lake
and provide spend analytics and cost savings
recommendations. SupplyCopia worked with the
management and their care delivery organizations to
develop an end-to-end solution that empowered our
clients to scale new heights.


Fortune 5 Healthcare Giant Uses
SupplyCopia To Power Analytics
Across 68 Hospitals.

Our client has grown through acquisitions. Their
integrated model of insurance and patient care
delivery in multiple geographies makes them a world
leader. Challenged by multi-currency, multi-lingual,
disparate data sources and buying processes and
systems, they relied on SupplyCopia to integrate
market data, provide a multi-faceted spend analysis
platform, and provide actionable intelligence to
leadership and markets.

PARTNERSHIP: AdvantusHealth Partners

A New Age GPO With A New Model
Of Supply Chain Delivery. Led By
Forward-Thinking & Kaizen-Minded
Leader Dan Hurry.

AdvantusHealth Partners, a Bon Secours Mercy
Health subsidiary, wanted to create a unique GPO
model. This model would keep the advancement of
patient care at the center of its universe and, at the
same time, deliver actionable recommendations for
transforming the supply chain. They trusted the
SupplyCopia platform to provide them with an
entirely new solution. We are proud to bring
cutting-edge technology solutions, including
generative AI, in partnership with AHP.


Innovative Solutions That Integrate
Seamlessly With Your Enterprise Systems

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with major systems, including:


The Power Of Continuous Innovation

In the complex world of healthcare supply chain, SupplyCopia stands tall with groundbreaking
solutions that blend human ingenuity and AI. Delivering immediate, in-depth analysis in real-time,
actionable recommendations, SupplyCopia transforms supply chain management, enabling you to
master it with unparalleled efficiency and insight.