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Dr. Patrick Denton, Orthopedic Surgeon & Director, Sports Program, McLeod Health, represents the surgical team’s perspective on McLeod’s CQO initiative, to create a unified platform used by clinicians and supply chain to standardize procedures, beginning with total joint replacement. Working with SupplyCopia, the McLeod team developed the criteria for a dashboard that integrates utilization costs, revenue, and patient outcomes. Data was pulled from a wide range of systems; physicians worked together to build a scoring methodology that looked at procedures over time, covering a broad set of patient demographics, and including costs, complications, readmissions, infections, and more. The resulting scoring system allows each surgeon to see their results in comparison to their peers and helps build an understanding of the opportunities for standardization to improve Cost, Quality, and Outcomes. Full transparency to costs and reimbursements has brought the surgical team together to find new ways to improve the selection of vendors, products, and costs while continuing to focus on quality and outcomes.

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Dr. Michael Rose, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer, McLeod Health discusses the compelling problem of joint replacement surgery. At McLeod Health, the total joint was the procedure with the greatest patient outcomes — “life-changing,” in the words of their patient population. Yet continued pressure to reduce cost was causing Dr. Rose and the McLeod surgical team to look at new ways to continue delivering great care, while simultaneously bringing costs down to support the business. As the Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Rose discusses his path as he led a cross-functional team to find new ways to accurately “adjust the dials” that drive Cost, Quality, and Outcomes. Through the team’s work with SupplyCopia, an effective informatics system has been built that weaves together highly granular data, including purchasing, reimbursement, and patient demographics, and delivers results via a single dashboard, which is now being used, understood, and relied upon by the entire cross-functional team.

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Dale Locklair, SVP of Planning & Facilities Management, McLeod Health presents an overview of the pilot study that brought together supply chain and surgical teams to fuel a new Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) initiative. With a goal of understanding what adjustments could be made without any detriment — and in fact, with improvements — to patient outcomes, Dale and the team embarked on a study to understand CQO for total joint replacement procedures. Learn how SupplyCopia partnered with the McLeod team to provide a perioperative dashboard, which compiles data from multiple disparate systems and sources to drive new insights for clinicians and supply chain leaders. The dashboard brings together patient demographics and outcomes, purchasing data, and reimbursements to provide visibility to clinical outcomes in comparison to cost. Through the development of the perioperative dashboard, the team at McLeod has increased alignment between supply chain and clinical teams and has developed a proven methodology to support future CQO initiatives.

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Carmen Winfield, VP of Supply Chain, McLeod Health, discusses the combined effort of supply chain, surgical, and innovation team leaders to bring disparate data sets together and deliver information to internal stakeholders through a single dashboard used by all groups. While each business area uses the data differently, they now work from a single source of accurate data, which enables the entire team to increase visibility to the variables that drive Cost, Quality, and Outcomes. Through work completed with SupplyCopia, McLeod Health team members use the dashboard to identify and implement ways to reduce variability and work toward standardization of supplies, procedures, and processes.

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BJ Cluskey, Director of Resource Optimization, McLeod Health presents the value analysis perspective on McLeod Health’s recent Cost, Quality, and Outcome initiative. By partnering across value analysis, supply chain, surgical, and innovation teams, and working together with SupplyCopia, the team created a methodology to deliver meaningful, relevant data to all stakeholders, through a single platform. This pilot was completed for total joint replacement procedures, with the knowledge that if successful, the approach could be extended to other procedures and service lines. BJ tells the story of pulling together all the necessary data from numerous systems and sources and working with SupplyCopia to build out the platform the entire team now uses for visibility to the variables that drive Cost, Quality, and Outcomes.

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McLeod Health’s cross-functional team – including the Chief Innovation Officer, the lead surgeon for total joint replacement, and supply chain and value analysis team leaders, came together recently to share their CQO success story. Find out how the team aligned their business leaders, gathered disparate data sets, and partnered with technology provider SupplyCopia, to create a perioperative dashboard that allows them to fully understand the individual components for Cost, Quality, and Outcomes of total joint replacement. Today, the dashboard provides a single platform enabling the team to compare and fully understand the results of individual physicians, suppliers, and products; look across patient demographics; and, layer in reimbursement models, for a full view of potential adjustments that can impact CQO. Take 15 minutes to learn the story of how they did it, what they’ve learned, and what they’re planning to do next.


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