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Normal Is Coming. SupplyCopia Announces
New Capacity And Financial

Healthcare just experienced what may be the most significant financial hit in history. The recent AHA survey(1) estimates the cancellation of hospital services alone represented $161.4 billion in lost revenue over a period of four months

As health systems begin to reopen for elective surgeries and procedures, understanding capacity requirements including people, space, and supply needs, together with revenue opportunities and clinical priorities, is an essential step toward helping rebuild revenue and cash flow.

While the Covid-19 crisis is still with us – and still impacting hospitals’ operations and bottom lines – it’s highly likely we are a lot closer to the end than the beginning. And that means now is the time to prepare.

That’s why SupplyCopia is launching its cloud-based Capacity Planning and Revenue planning software. With this new tool, hospitals can highlight just some of the data, quickly input: demand, including backlogs and anticipated procedures in the next 90-120 days; the number of physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other staff, including hours available; physical capacity, including ORs and ICUs and the time needed to set them up; pre-op and post-op times; medical, surgical, consumable, and PPE supplies expected to be needed; and financial considerations, such as cost, reimbursement, and profit.

In addition to data input capability, the Capacity Planning and Revenue Tool provides an analytical engine for scenario planning and what-if analysis. It also delivers data output in the form of results easily integrated into your internal systems.

Normal is indeed returning. For more information about the SupplyCopia Capacity Planning and Revenue Tool, or to arrange a demonstration geared to your particular facility.

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