PPE Estimator

Your guide to estimating the need for PPE. Look at key factors such as supply levels, patient counts, material in warehouse and storage area inventory, and expected incoming shipments and back orders, then enter anticipated cases and usage patterns. Now, take your instant estimate of supplies on-hand to determine imminent need and proactively address supply shortages.

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Instantly Plan & Understand

In challenging times of unprecedented supply shortages, SupplyCopia’s PPE Estimator provides instant visibility to the supplies you need for seamless care – for patients and clinicians.

Stay on Track

With a tool to determine needed supplies based on key factors and usage, you can expand intelligence-driven planning beyond PPE, into other areas of supplies where you experience inventory issues including stock-outs.

Successful Supply Levels

One of the many lessons of 2020 – don’t run out. Yet we’ve worked hard to pare down extraneous supply chain costs. Use the PPE Estimator to balance what you need and stay on track.

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Your Challenges

  • Without visibility to current levels of supplies in warehouses, supply rooms or storage stashes around the organization, and a combined ability to understand patient levels and needs, peak dates, items in transit, or on backorder, provider organizations lack a way to estimate outstanding PPE needs, resulting in:

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