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Request for Proposal

“More than 50% of the IDNs do not have a formal RFP or contract management system, let alone one integrated with an item master”

Request for Proposal


Integrated platform

Integrated platform which facilitates seamless data flow between RFP, contract management and item master

Economic Benefit

Ability to realize rebates and discounts much faster and consistently

Supplier Collaboration

Improved supplier collaboration and ability to leverage intellectual property

Considering that most of the contract management and supplier discovery is outsourced to the GPOs, very few IDNs have invested in formal RFP and CMS technologies. This has resulted in loss of control of the purchasing process as well as sub-optimal relationship with the suppliers. Some of the resulting problems include:
  • Most of the RFP and contract management process is managed manually via Excel sheets and Word documents at even the largest of the IDNs. This is expensive, error prone and lacks collaboration with the suppliers
  • The inability to compare pricing, terms and conditions on a dynamic basis leads to lost opportunities
  • Local storage of documents and contracts does not allow collaboration within teams and leveraging the best practices and lessons learnt
  • Lack of supplier collaboration and ability to create healthy competition
Request for Proposal

Request For Proposal

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