Unprecedented growth opportunities: New customers, increased profitability

Only SupplyCopia helps instantly identify and connect with contacts in your target audience to generate new leads, advance sales territories, publish special pricing and promotions, and continuously provide the most up-to-date information about your products and services.




Help your sales team achieve their business goals with access to SupplyCopia’s national hospital database, letting you target decision-makers with customized, well-timed pricing and promotions.

Leverage always-on analytics to build visibility of real-world demand for your product lines, increasing accurate, intelligent forecasting.

Increase your competitive position in the marketplace by monitoring and responding to price fluctuations, and dynamically manage pricing across your product lines.


Protect your pricing

In today’s healthcare environment, it’s easy for competitors to be evaluated only on price. In turn, manufacturers see pricing and profitability erosion.

Control and optimize cash flow

Higher R&D costs, longer lead times for new products, put pressure on cash flows.

Increase visibility to product
consumption and trends

Lack of visibility to actual product consumption inhibits production planning, forecasting, and control procedures.

Where is your business based?

Higher costs of operations lead to increased outsourcing and offshoring, resulting in greater supply chain risk. How can you protect your business?

Improve your market intelligence

Suppliers often lack real time analytics on price changes, which means you could lag behind competitive change and potentially lose business.

  • Head of Sales
  • Head of Marketing

Head of Sales

Head of Marketing

Target decision makers directly, Increase revenues and profitability