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Streamlining non-acute care
purchasing-SupplyCopia way.

Market Summary :

ERP systems are difficult and expensive to deploy for small, non-acute care facilities

Product data, catalog, and pricing management is a drain on corporate IT systems and staff

Training and customer support on ERP systems is cumbersome and not cost-effective

Integration with corporate IT and ERP systems can be expensive especially when the number of non-acute facilities is small

Because of the uncertainty connected with M&A activity, it’s difficult to commit to a multi-year contract with ERP providers

The ideal solution must be cost-effective, offer a streamlined workflow, and provide an organization the ability to improve its performance. SupplyCopia has applied its passion for cost savings and its technical expertise to develop just such a solution.

The SupplyCopia platform is designed with optimizing non-acute care facilities ‘ spend and provide the parent organization visibility, control, and cost management.

The components of the solution:

1. Catalog: A retail-like catalog of products and pricing pertinent to the non-acute care purchasing process. Product and clinical data sourced from more than 200 sources and made available at the point of consumption. The contracted pricing for the healthcare system is mapped to the SupplyCopia global products database to create a unique, state-of-the-art, first-in-the-industry custom product catalog.

2.Automated workflow: Buyers have the option to route requisitions for approval to a corporate ERP system, or to create and send purchase orders directly to the suppliers and collaborate with them.

3. Integration with ERP systems- SupplyCopia will integrate the platform to corporate ERP systems so that existing business rules and routing mechanisms are leveraged along with any EDI relationships (SupplyCopia can also bring its own partners for cost-effective, hosted EDI transactions, reducing the cost for the client).

4. Value and spend analysis- SupplyCopia’s s big data analytics and predictive intelligence platform will deliver spend analysis at each non-acute care facility, as well as consolidated reporting and dashboarding at the corporate level.

5. Cost savings recommendations: Over 50 levers are applied to analyze the spending and identify leakages. Cost savings recommendations are delivered both at an individual facility level as well as at a corporate level.

6. Collaboration: Non-acute care facilities can collaborate within the facility, and network with suppliers via the broadcast functionality as well as via instant messenger.

7. Customer support: SupplyCopia will provide customer support to each facility and deploy state of an art “companion app” for troubleshooting. Advantages of our solution: Time to market: Leverage SaaS, cloud, and advanced analytics-driven platform, Health systems can drastically reduce the time to market and gain competitive advantages. Continued innovation: SupplyCopia will continue to enhance and further customize the platform to bring best practices from other industries, innovate the platform on an ongoing basis, and provide intelligence to drive outcomes. Ease of use and payment: 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and there are no long-term contracts to sign.

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