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September 27, 2022

SupplyCopia Announces
New Children’s Hospital Solution

The solution enables data, services, and cost-sharing across hospitals serving children and their families

Basking Ridge, NJ – September 27, 2022 – SupplyCopia announces the launch of a new solution specifically designed to support the supply chain needs of Children’s Hospitals throughout the United States. The new solution creates a shared model that can reduce supply chain costs and technology by as much as 50 percent, especially important considering the number of patients coming from low-income, underserved families, and often supported by government-sponsored plans.

The Challenges Faced by Children’s Hospitals

Collectively, Children’s Hospitals report approximately $3 billion in annual supply chain costs, and often operate at lower overall reimbursement rates than other acute care facilities.

The current model of stand-alone systems increases annual infrastructure costs for hospitals. Most of these organizations continually experience strain on resources, both physical and human. The lack of a common, shared infrastructure and supply chain systems make it difficult to share data, analytics and best practices.

Yet Children’s Hospitals strive to ensure the best possible care is delivered to all, advancing toward their commitment of helping patients and their families with the best experience and outcomes.

SupplyCopia Delivers a Shared Service Solution

To help care for even the littlest patients, SupplyCopia has developed a new solution and pricing model that enables shared services across Children’s Hospitals, even without a shared ownership or management structure.

The new solution from SupplyCopia:

  • Provides a shared item master, with continuously updated data on all of the items consistently used in caring for children.
  • Helps organizations identify opportunities to standardize items and procedures, helping to drive cost reductions and improve outcomes.
  • Enables participating hospitals to access advanced analytical tools, allowing them to deeply examine their own and collective data, but with confidentiality and HIPAA compliance maintained for each organization.

“Our smallest patients deserve our best care, and we know Children’s Hospitals are second to none in their commitment to their patients,” said Ashok Muttin, CEO, SupplyCopia. “We’ve created a unique shared cost model for participating Children’s Hospitals. This new coalition lets Children’s Hospitals share costs and technology, reducing supply chain operation costs by as much as 50%. We see a huge opportunity to reduce costs, share best practices, and improve supply chain performance.”

Building a Solution Unique to Children’s Hospitals

SupplyCopia is leveraging people, processes and technology to deliver new capabilities to Children’s Hospitals, including:

  • Analytics and Insights – Global data scientists combine expertise with AI to analyze data from Children’s Hospitals, delivering insights and recommendations for the most common procedures.
  • Bill of Materials – Often the same procedures and treatments are performed over and over. SupplyCopia allows hospitals to eliminate the guesswork and leverage proven best practices to achieve optimal cost, quality, and outcomes.
  • Integration – The custom Children’s Hospital solution is complete with the analytics, applications, and insights needed, all delivered in a single instance, with integration to legacy systems.
  • Consolidated Spend – With a consolidated view of spend across all Children’s Hospitals on the platform, greater savings can be achieved by all.

To learn more about the new Children’s Hospital solution from SupplyCopia, visit the SupplyCopia website,
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