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JANUARY 10, 2024

SupplyCopia Announces New Digital Solution for Custom Surgical Kit Pricing and Management

Real-time pricing, vendor information and product availability on custom kit components

Bridgewater, NJ — January 10, 2024 — SupplyCopia, a global leader in AI- and ML-driven healthcare supply chain management solutions, today announced a new product application to support manufacturers and distributors offering custom surgical kit solutions.

While most surgical settings rely on custom kits, building and managing the pricing and availability of kit components has been highly complex, time consuming and manual. Because custom kits span a wide range of items and manufacturers, identifying and developing custom kit componentry, determining item availability and pricing, and managing supporting processes has been extremely time-consuming. Data delays can result in inaccuracies that cost all parties more.

Today SupplyCopia has launched a new Surgical Kit Quote application, changing the way custom kits are developed, managed and priced. By leveraging its state-of-the-art digital catalog and intelligent simulation features, users can adapt quickly to changes in the availability and pricing of items to provide accurate and efficient responses to custom kit RFIs and RFPs. This solution addresses the legacy challenges faced by healthcare organizations, including data management, product price changes, item availability and timing.

With the new SupplyCopia Surgical Kit Quote application:

  1. Manual quote processes are replaced with digital tools, reducing the time needed to respond to hospital requests for custom kit pricing.
  2. Complexities in kit componentry and assembly are streamlined.
  3. Real-time visibility to vendors, pricing and components is created from a centralized digital catalog with up-to-the-minute information.
  4. Flexibility is increased, making it easier to develop and modify kit configurations.

“Working together with our customers – including hospitals and health systems, distributors and manufacturers – we continually hear what causes the greatest challenges and delays, and what’s impacting their ability to become more efficient,” said Ashok Muttin, CEO & Founder, SupplyCopia. “With this new application, one of the supply chain challenges that’s historically been difficult and costly is now brought into the digital environment with AI- and ML-supported tools. It just became easier for manufacturers and vendors to answer the complex problem of scoping, building and pricing custom surgical kits.”

For more details on the new solution and to learn more about SupplyCopia, visit the Kit Quote page of the SupplyCopia website.

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