AMS and SupplyCopia Team Up to Create
Industry’s Most Comprehensive Medical
Implant Resource

Lynnfield, MA & Basking Ridge, NJ – Nov. 30, 2021 – AMS, a healthcare affordability software company that provides clinical insights and financial analysis of the costliest and most complex medical claims and SupplyCopia, a rapidly growing provider of innovative supply chain solutions, today announced a strategic alliance to furnish clients with the most comprehensive insights for medical implants and devices.

AMS’ PredictIx module provides payers with the most accurate cost information on purchase prices of surgical devices and common implant-related procedures. When combined with SupplyCopia’s decades-long insights into propriety bill of material (BOM) procedural data, PredictIx secures its position as the only completely transparent implant analytics resource available in the marketplace.

Today’s healthcare environment is comprised of disparate systems and is fraught with deficient medical implant data sets that often provide incomplete procedures, outdated costs and little, if any, clinical analysis. Together, AMS and SupplyCopia are advancing cost transparency initiatives by leveraging technology – including AI and ML– to aggregate and analyze data in unprecedented ways.

“SupplyCopia bolsters PredictIx with an additional depth and breadth of standardized and stratified implant data” said Peter Borans, CEO, AMS. “Together, we’re able to provide all-encompassing insights into what is considered an implant, utilization of implants, items that should not be part of reimbursement, instrumentation and a repository of intelligent analytics to positively impact healthcare affordability. What has been a complete black hole of information has now been simplified for many payment integrity and contracting initiatives Health Plans have been needing”

“We’re excited to work with AMS in building a cutting-edge solution and an easily searchable medical implant resource for payers and case managers,” said Ashok Muttin, CEO, SupplyCopia. “We have a shared commitment to cost transparency and helping payers mitigate their future claim costs.”

About AMS

AMS’ AI-powered Predict Platform is the industry’s first cloud-based enterprise software to integrate custom modules that target price transparency, clinical insights, and financial benchmarks. Focused solely on analyzing the most expensive and complex claims and accompanying financial impact, AMS provides Health Plans, MGUs, TPAs and Stop-Loss Carriers with enterprise benefits to help improve medical spend and positively impact healthcare affordability. We believe that “Knowledge is Power”

About SupplyCopia

SupplyCopia brings together data, technology, and teams for a smarter, more aligned supply chain ecosystem. SupplyCopia applies the latest data science and software technology to bring maximum transparency to both major constituent groups of the supply chain – providers and suppliers – to the benefit of both and expense of neither. Learn more at

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